The Microverlay® system

Here's how our special cement resin works

The concrete or tile surface is previously polished. Application of 2 hands of VAPOR BARRIER with mesh fiberglass. Application of 2 hands of MICROVERLAY® BASE or MEDIUM with intermediate sanding and cleaning. Application of 2 hands of MICROVERLAY® FINISH with intermediate sanding and cleaning. Application of the protective sealer PLAM POL gloss/matt or PLAM POL WATER gloss/matt and subsequently IPM METALLIC WAX or PLAM POLY WAX.

How does it work

The Isoplam microcement is applied over any kind of support and its fields of use are diverse. Born to create design floors of great visual impact, it may be placed in any space, whether its outdoor or indoor, residential, commercial or industrial. It is applied with great results to create walls, outdoor floors, bathroom coverings, show booths, worktops, kitchen tops and even furniture and furnishing accessories.

The Microverlay microcement of Isoplam is a cementous base compound with extraordinary adherence, flexibility, resistance and ductile qualities. It allows you to create beautiful continues surfaces, without grouts or joints, esthetically emotional and impeccable to the touch and sight. With the Microverlay cement resin it is possible to realize new surfaces or restore the existing ones without their removal, because its thickness is extremely reduced; only 3 millimeters.

Easy to work, Microverlay is customizable with a wide range of colors and effects. It may be applied witha spatula or with special Isoplam tools, such as squeegees, to create unique and inimitable finishes.